Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Amtrak to Screen Carry-On Bags at Random

"a major new
security push that will include train and platform patrols by
officers with
automatic weapons and bomb-sniffing dogs

- NY Times

Passengers who are selected randomly for the screening will be delayed no more than a couple of minutes. If the machine detects anything, officers will open the bag for visual inspection.


There was some bubble headed lady on the radio today saying "Well it's about time the got security in the trains. I mean, they've had it for years on planes ... and yes, I do feel safer."

How do guns + bomb sniffing dogs + body armor + trains = security for the passengers??? I'd rather take my chances with a terrorist. Besides, no way can a terrorist take over a train nowadays anyway - every one in the country has seen the movie "United 93" at this point. I'd say we have enough disgruntled commuters providing "security" on the nation's trains.

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